SSOE has helped leading consumer brands meet the demands of the world’s largest retailers. We understand that the consumer is not your only customer, but the retailers who can often dictate production, packaging, and logistical requirements. This understanding helps us design facilities and process / packaging lines that are responsive to changing demands. Taking our cue from the manufacturing industry, SSOE has adopted Lean principles to drive efficiency gains in our own process—gains that have long been absent from the construction industry as a whole. Your experience with SSOE will be extremely collaborative, leaning heavily on the most advanced technology to drive a better, more efficient process including our use of Virtual Design and Construction.

Top 5

Design Firms

Consistently ranked a Top 5 Manufacturing Design Firm (ENR), our resume includes some of the most recognized names and largest manufacturing facilities
in the world


Cost Savings

We’ve documented
more than a billion dollars
in cost savings for
our industrial clients


Into Production

We are adept at
building flexibility into
production lines to ensure
quick and inexpensive
formulation, packaging, or
product changes