Fast-track Production Shift from Client to Co-packer

Food Client

  • Project management
  • Fast-track
  • USDA and FDA compliant
  • Mitigation after catastrophic event

Midwest USA

20,000 pounds per day

$90,000 in savings through re-use of existing process machinery.

When a sausage snack manufacturer experienced catastrophe at one of their production plants, SSOE proved integral to getting them back in production, and with quick results. Noted for its expertise in start-up management, SSOE’s involvement with this project showcased its ability to provide quick response to client crisis situations, whether it be floods, explosions, or product tainting.

With combined expertise in process, packaging, and plant operations, SSOE was retained to coordinate and manage the equipment installation at a co-packer’s facility to enable production start-up. This included obtaining equipment and installation quotations, submitting purchase requisitions as well as installation coordination. The firm also assessed potential manufacturers to determine if they met necessary qualifications to execute the production scope.

SSOE determined the best location within the existing facility to conduct the pickling process, established production timelines, and managed the start-up process. The firm also modified conveyor processes, ink jet coding, and designed a three-step packaging process. In addition, SSOE worked with the co-packer to install a scrubber fan system which pumped caustic feed to neutralize the vinegar and suggested use of sanitary curtains to prevent product tainting. To minimize the disruption of the site’s natural ecosystem, SSOE integrated outdoor tank containment for used brine into its design. Acting on the client’s behalf, SSOE designed a bulk vinegar tank system and coordinated installation to eliminate the need to purchase small totes reducing the plant’s ingredient costs. To minimize costs, SSOE recommended reuse of existing machinery as needed.

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