On-site Support and Food Safety Mitigation

MOM Brands

  • Project and construction management
  • Fast-track start-up implementation during 10 day downtime
  • SQF (Safe Quality Food) facility compliance
  • 24 hour contractor supervision
  • Neighbor relations

Northfield, Minnesota

272,000 SF

Innovative design solutions and advanced project controls resulted in $115,000 of documented savings for the client.

When a large chain superstore mandated that its suppliers become SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified, MOM Brands needed an expert firm to get their largest facility compliant, and in record time. With a solid reputation in start-up management and implementation, SSOE proved to be the best firm for implementing this food safety project. Working against a 10 day downtime timeframe, SSOE put the right team of experts in place to ensure MOM Brands’ compliance. With an ever-changing project scope, SSOE responded and improved the indoor quality.

MOM Brands secured SSOE to determine and implement what needed to be done in order to achieve SQF certification. SSOE leveraged project controls software to coordinate and phase numerous contractors to address the issues. While cleaning and painting occurred, SSOE needed to comply with client mandated guidelines for construction projects, which included reconfiguring the HVAC to make the affected areas negative to the rest of the plant, and wrapping all line components and duct work within the facility. To meet the aggressive timeline, SSOE and contractors worked non-stop to isolate the area within 20 hours, a unique feat for a plant of such size. SSOE also utilized a quick curing paint to save four days within the aggressive schedule. Dry ice blasting was used to clean the equipment.

SSOE successfully completed the project within the tight schedule and MOM Brands passed the SQF audit.

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