Food Process Line Addition

Pretzel Client

  • New dough line
  • Spiral freezer
  • SSOE designed storage freezer
  • SSOE designed refrigeration
    systems for both freezers
  • Bulk material silos
  • Required multiple City permit
    variances to meet client's project

Midwest USA

This international pretzel client was ready to add a line to their Midwest plant. The addition of this dough making process line would allow them to increase their U.S. production and distribution, reducing their need to import product from their European plants. Newer to the U.S., this client contacted SSOE based on an employee referral. After meeting with us to review our food processing experience and to discuss our approach to their project, SSOE was selected to provide architectural and engineering services for the line addition.

The scope of work for the project included the installation of a frozen product line, from raw material mixing through dough forming, cooking, baking, and packaging. The line addition included two freezers: a purchased spiral freezer for product flash freezing prior to packaging, and an 8,500 SF SSOE designed -10 degree storage freezer for packaged product awaiting shipment. SSOE also designed the refrigeration systems for both freezers, as well as new primary electrical service to the plant and the installation of bulk material silos.

The plant, purchased from another food manufacturer a few years prior, did not have optimal space availability for the project’s needs both inside and outside of the facility. As a result, SSOE met with the City multiple times, working closely with them to obtain permit variances for the freezer and silo installations. However, because the factory was located in a high end commercial area, the City also required screen walls to mask the visibility of the silos and also required large amounts of landscaping to help it blend in with the surrounding neighborhood.

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