Liquid Sugar Tank Replacement

Confidential Food Client

  • Replacement of three aging sugar tanks in a confined space
  • Drone and laser scanning used to document existing conditions and develop a plan for tank installation
  • Multiple simulations were run to ensure successful installation
  • Plant operations maintained throughout the project

Battle Creek, Michigan

“SSOE’s integration of multiple technologies was critical in allowing the Shouldice team to foresee the risk associated with the constraints of the site and was invaluable to ensure the installation schedule was met for the customer. This technology provided an advantage of enhancing safety, limiting risk, and preventing delays. I would recommend the use of this technology to our customers.”
– Randy Sample, Project Manager of Shouldice Industrial Manufacturers & Contractors, Inc.

With a continued focus on the safety and quality of its products, Post Consumer Brands (Post) sought to replace three liquid sugar tanks at its Battle Creek, Michigan facility. While the installation project appeared to be straightforward, the location of these tanks and the constraints of the site provided a unique challenge. To confront this challenge, SSOE utilized a drone and terrestrial laser scanner to accurately capture the existing site conditions to determine the best possible way to install the new stainless steel tanks.

With 3D scans of the site, the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team was able to simulate risks during installation. Our team used reality capture point cloud data along with software including Autodesk Civil 3D, vehicle tracking, and Google Earth, to simulate the entire construction process from shipping the tanks on-site to lifting them into position under these complex site conditions. The team utilized multiple simulations prior to installation to identify the proper route for the delivery of the tanks, which required an articulating trailer to maneuver the site. These simulations helped the crane crew determine the optimal position for the crane and see the sequencing required to safely lift the tanks while avoiding any surrounding structures. Through the use of these integrated technologies, the installation process went as planned, meeting the schedule while maintaining full plant operations throughout the project.

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