New Hall County Campus

Lanier Technical College


Gainesville, Georgia

Six Buildings - 310,000 SF Total; Instructional Building: 44,281 SF; Administration & Student Success Center: 46,004 SF; Tech & Industries Building: 94,500 SF; Allied Health Building: 61,000 SF; Campus Support Facility: 32,300 SF; Conference Center: 44,500 SF

New 96-Acre Campus

Located on a 96-acre site in Northeast Georgia, SSOE is working with prime design professional Pond and Lanier Technical College on their new Hall County Campus. Construction will take place over a three-year period and will include six new buildings, associated surface parking, and related site amenities. The new 325,000 SF replacement campus is slated to achieve two out of three peaches from the state of Georgia’s sustainable design grading program.


Campus Vision and Project Goals: The new vision for the Lanier Technical College site will be to provide a 21st Century campus for education, continuing education, and workforce development training opportunities over various programs.

Programming Project Goals

To date, the following project goals / objectives were identified: 1) Create a “cutting edge” campus that fits into the architectural vernacular of the community; 2) Integrate student life activities throughout each new facility on campus; 3) Create a campus that will become a showplace for economic development; 4) Incorporate spaces for future growth; and 5) Create buildings that are distinctive in character and that will promote student success via a nurturing campus environment that will become “the place to be” for students, staff, community, and industry partners to work, learn, and expand workforce opportunities. In addition to the Campus Support facilities, Technology & Industrial Education and Allied Health, SSOE is specifically focused on the following projects.

Administration & Student Success Center

Viewed as the new “iconic front door” to the campus, the Administration and Student Success Building will be comprised of the Office of the President, Student Services, and Student Life – each requiring a unique, responsive, and dynamic facility solution. The goal of the building is to create a high-quality supportive learning environment that prepares students to enter the workforce and will be the first stop for each person on campus. Entry roads, parking, directional signage, and iconic design will reinforce the college’s message that “Great Careers Begin Here.”

Student Affairs and Bursar functions will also be located to maximize opportunities for student reception and engagement. A “one stop shop” concept for customer service will be incorporated for student services, while a large and spacious circulation concourse will feature soft seating and information kiosks that will reinforce student access, utilization, and connection to services for advisement, financial aid, counseling, and placement.

Instructional Building

The new Instructional Building will house the General Education, Adult Education, Business and Computer Technology, and Early Childhood Development programs. The building will feature numerous integrated technology classrooms / labs, studios, and small and large group areas all designed around problem-based learning (PBL), team-based learning (TBL), and a student-centered active learning environment with evolving pedagogies.

Conference Center

The new Conference Center will feature a 225-seat auditorium, 10,000 SF Exhibit Hall, Testing Center, Culinary Arts Facility, and break-out classrooms. To encourage the development of a “community of learning,” collaborative study zones, magnet spaces, and student spaces will be located in the Conference Center and across campus to allow students to wither work in teams, study or, simply, relax.

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