Atlanta, Georgia

This is a reboot for BrightWave : A combination of award winning work, innovative approaches to problem solving, and flat out crushing client success metrics are leading them to a higher caliber of client, spend, and employee. This leading e-mail and eCRM agency is “full steam ahead” in scaling the agency. BrightWave saw the need for a new workplace that would be an upgrade: A genuine, unique, elevated workplace that talks to employees and activates pride and cultural drive.

SSOE | S&W created a new workplace to work hard, establish new traditions, and have fun. These are spaces that encourage working together in a genuine, informal, and relaxed atmosphere that is “very chill”. Welcome and hospitality start at the front door with a space for: all-hands agency meetings supported with Apple TVs; catered lunch for all; entertainment events with hospitality for 50 to 60; wine and keg bar, self-help food and beverage service; and a variety of individual and booth seating which doubles as informal collaborative and individual work all day long.

BrightWave employees are typically millennials, 65% female, agile, ambitious, flexible, quick learners, and sophisticated experts. SSOE | S&W devised a variety of workspaces that engage this work culture: space for quiet thinking and spontaneous collaboration, individual heads down sit/stand workstations for flexible teams, stand up tables with big writable wall surfaces, and large Apple TVs to talk about their in-progress and showcase work.

A sense of fun infuses the space by referencing the nautical influence of the BrightWave brand: finishes and furniture selections subtly participate as well as a signal flag motif – conference and pitch rooms are named for mythical sea monsters. The brand in the space is the ambiance. The story telling and product is in screen content throughout the space.