Peanut Butter Safety Upgrade

Food Client

  • Unplanned shutdown involved major plant equipment and controls upgrades
  • Sanitized all existing food processing equipment and piping
  • Onsite presence allowed for fast-track schedule

South USA

SSOE’s expertise in process design and an in-depth knowledge of the client’s needs led to an annual operational savings $700,000 by modifying ingredient flow and production lines for a more efficient design.

During an unexpected shutdown of its production, a food manufacturing client called on SSOE, its long trusted engineering resource, to quickly improve processes and return the facility to full operation. Because every week of lost production meant lost revenue, the team was directed to fast-track the project, but not at the expense of the client’s stringent quality standards.

To complete the project, SSOE’s team repaired various system inefficiencies and redesigned the production system to enhance food safety. Several pieces of older equipment were replaced, and a process to sanitize raw ingredients separate from processed ones was incorporated. SSOE consulted on the facility design modifications.

Additionally, SSOE designed a process to sanitize the complex product piping system using hot soybean oil that would not affect the quality of the client’s product. The client took advantage of the plant shutdown and also upgraded controls to increase yields, reduce energy consumption, and incorporated a new air quality system.

At the height of the project, SSOE’s team consisted of ten onsite engineers and designers to sustain the crucial schedule.

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