Water Division Headquarters

Rheem Manufacturing

  • Dynamic workplace, training, and customer solution
  • Hospitality platforms
  • “Live-fire” lab
  • Training room
  • Integrated come-together spaces
  • Display platforms

Atlanta, Georgia

37,000 SF

When Rheem Manufacturing decided to co-locate several business units for the first time, the vision was a space that would celebrate and facilitate a new transformative culture. The new Rheem Water Division Headquarters enables more meaningful collaboration between employees and customers with real-time, hands-on demonstrations and problem solving, and an interactive showcase of the company’s forward-thinking and innovative new products.

SSOE’s design provided a dynamic workplace, training, and customer solution. It facilitates success in support of evolving product technology, user interface, customer demographic, brand, and company culture, which encourages down-stream acceptance of more sophisticated products and technologies. This interactive facility is a key tool in enabling Rheem’s evolution from an engineering-based product company to an end-user focused company — a company evolving from a wholesale to a retail strategy.

Products are physically displayed nearby on multiple “display platforms” for a unique hands-on introduction and instructional space. Hospitality bars flank the space for breakfast, snacks, and lunch service throughout the training day. Trainees experience a hands-on “live-fire” lab where products are taken apart and reassembled, and where trouble-shooting exercises can occur. A glass-enclosed training room completes the experience.

The new workplace provides more efficient and collaborative work processes that promote a transition from departmental to cross-functional teams. A sense of community is further supported with integrated come-together spaces.

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