ENR Article: “The Top 500 Design Firms: Worry Despite Strong Markets”

Vince DiPofi, PE, Chief Operating Officer at SSOE, was featured in ENR’s May 2018 cover story, “The Top 500 Design Firms: Worry Despite Strong Markets”. From construction tariffs to talent acquisition, the article highlights some of the concerns surrounding the industry, despite its predicted continual growth. Vince’s commentary focuses on the impact of generative design and its ability to help architects and engineers deliver better solutions to clients.

Additionally, the article reveals the publication’s annual Top 500 Design Firms, ranking SSOE fourth among manufacturing design firms in the U.S. A Top 10 Manufacturing Design Firm for the past 7 years, our new ranking reflects an increase of one spot over ENR’s 2017 numbers. ENR serves as one of the leading engineering and construction news publications and has included SSOE in its Top 500 lists for more than 50 years.

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