Medical Construction and Design Article: “Beneath the Surface”

Amy Cope, IIDA, RID, EDAC, NCIDQ, CHID, Certified Healthcare Interior Designer and Section Manager, and Jennifer Hrosko, IIDA, NCIDQ, CHID, Certified Healthcare Interior Designer, recently co-authored an article featured in Medical Construction & Design. In the article, Amy and Jennifer examine the evolution of surface, materials, and furnishings in response to infectious diseases.

Amy specializes in acute care, outpatient, and diagnostic interior design and has two decades of experience in providing comprehensive services such as furniture, finishes, equipment planning, interior signage, and artwork coordination. Jennifer has 22 years of experience with space visualization, space planning, and complete project execution. She has worked with hospital administrators, physicians, surgeons, hospital boards, committees, and clients to develop interior standards with materials to provide a functional, healing, and lasting environment.

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