Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine Article: “Critical Success Factors in Raw Material Storage & Conveyance”

Correct design basis requires deep understanding of raw material characteristics and facility conditions.

Mark Hoffman, PE, PMP, Department Manager in Food and Consumer Products at SSOE Group, was recently published in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine. Hoffman has over 30 years of experience in project and engineering management in the pharmaceutical processing, food processing, nutraceutical processing, bio-processing, renewable energy, ammonia refrigeration, and food ingredient industries. In his article, he explains how a consistently dependable environment for raw material storage and conveyance is imperative to practical and profitable production flow in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Every manufacturing facility is unique, with unique conditions to which one should pay particular attention. Hoffman suggests various approaches to ensure your team captures all these details, and how they will prove to be advantageous in creating a well-designed, high-performing system. The article also highlights the challenges and insights that were gained from a project where SSOE designed a raw material storage and conveyance system for a heat sensitive, hygroscopic sugar that produced a potentially explosive dust.

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