Data Center Expansion / Renovation

Healthcare Client

  • Expansion and renovation
  • Two emergency generators with parallel switchgear
  • Two additional UPS systems
  • IT system grounding
  • UPS sizing

Midwest USA

The expandability of the Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems will save the client money and the trouble of replacing the entire system.

As a result of a major utility power failure, due to a lightning strike, the main data center for a large regional healthcare system lost all normal and emergency back-up power. This failure affected all operations in every related facility within the organization. The failure also caused damage to the UPS system. SSOE was on-site late that evening and through the weekend, assisting in returning power to the critical systems. During the course of the evening, the emergency generator also failed, requiring the rental of a large trailer-mounted diesel generator.

It was determined that the existing data center lacked the emergency back-up systems required to continue seamless operations in the event of a prolonged outage. The result was approximately a $5 million expansion and renovation project which included a new addition to house the equipment and the installation of redundant services, two emergency generators with paralleling switchgear, and two additional UPS systems.

SSOE’s Data / Fire / Security (DFS) group ensured proper grounding of the existing IT equipment, along with the new UPS, and generator systems. The new UPS systems were sized to fit the client’s current needs and can easily be expanded as the IT load increases. The UPS system and generators are monitored through the client’s network and communicates when there is any trouble conditions within the entire emergency backup power system.

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