Laboratory Design Magazine Article: “Should your project undergo commissioning?”

David Wilson, PE, LEED AP, Senior Mechanical Engineer at SSOE Group, recently authored this article in Laboratory Design Magazine. The article explores when it’s worth it to consider commissioning for your facility through three case scenarios encountered by an HVAC commissioning expert. What is observed through testing and verification may prevent expensive operational problems from occurring, by detecting flaws and inefficiency prior to the end of the warranty period. The best approach is to be proactive in knowing what you need before it’s too late.

Wilson uses two out of the three case scenarios within the article to make an example of projects where commissioning was not implemented. Both scenarios describe operational issues and how things could’ve been different had commissioning been employed – saving the facility owners time, trouble, and money. Through testing and documentation, the owners could have avoided unforeseen costs and disturbed workflow. The third and final case scenario is one that engaged commissioning in the early planning stages of a project, which improved design and saved money before the shovel hit the ground. Wilson’s recommendations to utilize the benefits of commissioning are a result of an extensive design, engineering, and commissioning background, in addition to over 20 years of experience in the industry. Despite the extra expense, commissioning will confirm proper operation, eliminating issues that could potentially affect production and, consequently, the bottom line.

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