Design for Process Equipment Installation Ramp

Through innovative design concepts, benchmarking common practices, and scheduling, SSOE has saved the client more than $7.3 million to date.

Nimble and resourceful, SSOE quickly increased personnel for a critical tool installation design project when a semiconductor client accelerated release of a new technology. This project, part of an ongoing program for the client, included the installation of 250 tools over the course of a year.

Initially, the project required all design work to be performed in Oregon. However, due to the quick ramp up needed on this project, the client determined that design work could be completed remotely. SSOE quickly responded, engaging tool installation design teams in New Mexico and Arizona to support the Oregon team. In addition—for the first time in SSOE’s tool installation design program history—SSOE’s Mumbai, India, and Leon, Mexico, teams were engaged to provide critical support to meet project demands. Getting these international team members on board allowed for greater agility and flexibility on this project. In addition, it allows for a trained workforce to be available on short notice for burst capacity as well as subsequent easing off the project as workload diminishes. This approach keeps SSOE’s project budgets and schedules healthy and, in turn, enables our clients to get their products to market on-time to meet demand at a competitive price point.

In addition to providing a high level of service on this project, SSOE implemented a number of efficiencies that have saved the client more than $7.3 million to date. A utilization-based resource staffing model and a workshare agreement form, as well as innovative design concepts, have all contributed to these significant project savings.

New Manufacturing Facility

American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) selected SSOE to assist with conceptual design and construction document development for their new 300,000 SF manufacturing plant in Silao, Mexico.

This project commanded strict design document reviews by all disciplines in order to comply with the requirements of Mexico’s local and state laws, as well as AAM’s international standards. In addition, effective communication between SSOE, the General Contractor, and AAM helped to log sufficient information in order to solve any problem or conflict that was presented.

SSOE also served as Owner’s Representative for the design / build phase of the project with a Construction Manager. We worked full-time on-site reviewing the quality of the construction, making sure that the contractor delivered according to the design and engineering, managing schedules, monitoring progress, and inspecting shop drawings, among many other activities.