Hand & Power Tools

Many workers routinely use hand tools and don’t think of them as dangerous, but accidents continue to occur. Continue Reading →

Rideshare and Getting Around Town

Many people nowadays are using rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft for rides to the airport, home, evenings out on the town, or anything else. While these services have changed the way people commute and get around, they also include some dangers. As a user, you must be sure that your personal safety is taken into consideration at all times. Continue Reading →

Being Prepared BEFORE the Storm

When there are storms in your area, turn on your radio or television to get the latest emergency information from local authorities. Listen for announcements of a storm watch or warning. Enable the weather alert system on your cell phone to give additional alerts for your location. Consider purchasing a weather alert radio for your home to keep you and your family informed of weather emergencies. Learn about the weather warning system for your county. Some areas use a siren system to alert residents to weather emergencies. Know how to distinguish between the siren's warnings for different types of emergencies. Continue Reading →

Back Injury Prevention

Injuries to the back can be some of the most prevalent and most difficult to prevent injuries on the job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that more than one million employees suffer back injuries each year and back injuries account for one of every five workplace injuries. This type of injury also accounts for a large majority of worker’s compensation claims every year. Continue Reading →

Safe and Healthy Coping

We have certainly been facing the most challenging of times. Most of us can handle a crisis or other unusual event when it is a short-term incident, we go through it, grieve, feel fear, deal with our emotions, and then recover. However, in the time of a long-term, continually evolving huge stressor, our normal ways of coping are not always enough. They get old, fall short, or we just get worn down. Lately, professionals are seeing increased mental health disorders, drug, and alcohol abuse from many different areas. The belief is it is in reaction to such heavy, ongoing stress that people are feeling. Continue Reading →

Who is a Safety Champion?

We should all make it a goal to be a Safety Champion, considering we are responsible for making hundreds of decisions every day that determine the level of safety and risk for nearly every action we make. You have heard many times that we need 1000 Safety Champions at SSOE. Continue Reading →