New Equipment Digest Article: “Advance Your Project with Advance Work Packaging”

Lauren Collier, Associate AIA, Department Manager, VDC Global Initiatives and Senior Associate at SSOE Group, recently authored an article in New Equipment Digest where she explains that Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)—an industry response to a reduction in resources and the overall cost and capital of projects—is built on the premise that aligning engineering and procurement packages results in more efficient productivity. She notes that by creating these packages to deliver work, industrial projects can be delivered at a higher quality, faster, and with less cost. Continue Reading →

Area Development Article: “Modular Construction Projects Cut Cost and Timelines”

Cliff Reese, PE, Business Leader and Senior Associate at SSOE, recently authored an article in Area Development explaining how obtaining early commitment from both buyers and stakeholders is imperative to a successful modular construction project, which can deliver on cost savings and shorten timeliness. He goes on to discuss how leaders could consider using Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), similar to Lean project delivery, as an option to significantly optimize the efficiency of site-labor costs as well as the project schedule. Continue Reading →