Leaning into Kanban

As part of our Lean journey here at SSOE, we’ve been working to employ the Kanban Method at the discipline department level, taking a narrow and deep approach to implementation as our first step toward tackling it as an organization. More than just a to-do list, the Kanban Method—often used synonymously with the pull system tool used to employ it—is an organizational approach to incremental, evolutionary change originally created by software pioneer David J. Anderson. It allows project teams to more effectively visualize their work in order to speed up the flow of that work. This is done by breaking work down into a manageable, commitment-based plan that is driven by the team as a whole, moving away from “my work” and moving toward “our work”. Continue Reading →

Leveraging the Benefits of LCI

In earlier posts, we’ve uncovered that the AEC industry is one that hasn’t seen the rapid efficiency, productivity, and quality improvements that sectors such as manufacturing or healthcare have experienced. At SSOE, we recognize there is a fundamental shift that needs to take place in the way projects are delivered to achieve similar significant strides in those areas. And, because we’re looking to make entire projects lean, these practices must be embraced industry-wide (by owners, partners, vendors, contractors, etc.) to reach their full potential through collaboration. One organization looking to facilitate this shift in the industry is the Lean Construction Institute (LCI). Continue Reading →

IMPO Magazine Article: “Reap the Benefits of Lean Project Delivery”

Mary Stepnick, AIA, PMP, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Senior Vice President of SSOE Group, along with Todd Alsdorf, PE, founder of Balance Rhythm Harmony (BRH) LLC, recently authored an article in IMPO Magazine on Lean Project Delivery (LPD). They explain how LPD is an effective project execution method that can help improve the time and cost efficiency of many different types of projects. More importantly, if decision makers, constructors, and designers can come together to build a collaborative project from the outset, it is possible for today’s manufacturing businesses to revolutionize the way they approach projects—and to reap the benefits as a result. Continue Reading →

SSOE Group’s Lean Experts to Present at the 23rd Annual LCI Congress

PHOENIX, Arizona, September 27, 2021 –SSOE Group (www.ssoe.com), a global project delivery firm for architecture, engineering, and construction management, announced today that several of their Lean project delivery experts will present at the 23rd annual Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Congress on October 19 – 22, 2021 at the Phoenix Convention Center. Continue Reading →