Spring Training

I’ll bet you didn’t know that working for your company automatically got you a position on the company safety team. The safety manager, let’s call him “Coach,” is a firm believer that, as a team, we win together and we lose together. So we all need to be peak performance players.

Here are some notes from Coach’s playbook:

Team Goals

  • No injuries!
  • No incidents!
  • No exposures!
  • No harm!
  • Quality time with family and friends doing safe activities!
  • For Safety’s Sake, Do Something!

Team Requirements

  • Know safety hazard prevention.
  • Be alert at all times.
  • Have a plan of action for all hazardous situations.
  • Have the right tools for the job; don’t use defective tools or bad equipment.

The Execution Plan

  • Take Care of Ourselves: Stretch, eat healthy, practice safe lifting, stay mentally alert., wear PPE every time it is required.
  • Take Care of Our Team: Identify and report all hazards, hold each other accountable for unsafe acts, and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Plan Your Strategy:
    STOP – Stop, think, observe, then proceed.  Take time to survey your surroundings.
    PLAN – Make a SPA (Safe Plan of Action) for all your work, home, and leisure activities.
    ANALYZE – Look at the situation and determine the safe way to proceed.  Look for dangerous things around you.
    MANAGE – Manage the situation and do the right thing on behalf of safety.