Don’t Drink and Drive

Happy Holidays! We look forward to seeing everyone get back to work safely after the holidays. Please do your part to make that happen. Continue Reading →

Working Alone

Working alone? Does someone know where you are?  Will anyone know if you get hurt? Continue Reading →

Poor Health Can be a Work Hazard

Health issues can be a safety hazard on the job. You are an integral part of your company’s success and you have a responsibility to be “health smart.” Continue Reading →

The Gift of Life

We are all empowered to give the most precious gift of all - the gift of life. Continue Reading →

Winter Time Slips, Trips, and Falls

Winter weather is here and walking on snow and ice covered sidewalks cause a substantial number of falls for pedestrians. Wet or icy surfaces, uneven pavement, glare, and poor visibility all increase the risk for falls and injury. A minor fall may only result in bruised pride, however the potential is always there for serious injuries, such as broken bones or even fatal injuries. Continue Reading →

Too Much on Your Plate?

Whether it’s at work, home, or the dinner table, only take on what you can handle. If we take on too much (at work or home) we have a higher chance of making mistakes. Juggling too many tasks at once increases the opportunity for mistakes to happen, missed deadlines, and even increased risk of incidents and accidents. This goes for holiday indulgence, too! You’ll feel much better (and be a holiday success!) if you do everything in moderation. Know your limits and ask for help when you need it. Continue Reading →