A New Year – A New Year

Making Those New Year's Resolutions? They often include health, finances, safety, and career. Continue Reading →

Sobering Statistics

As we settle into the Holiday season and we celebrate with those holiday parties,keep Safety a priority. Travelling with family and friends exposes everyone to risks ofbad weather, bad conditions, busy traffic, frustrated, and impaired drivers. Continue Reading →

Safe Winter Driving

The cold and snowy winter weather is just around the corner and so is the need toprepare and protect yourself during the hazardous winter driving. No one wants tobreak down any time, but especially not in the cold or snowy weather. Now is a goodtime to get your car serviced and your mind thinking and prepared for your travelscoming in the next few months. Continue Reading →

Keep Your Eyes On Safety

Most employers require their employees to wear eye protection at all times while they are working. The "at all times" mandate for eye protection occurred after employers recognized that employees failed to use eye protection when required. Many times injury to the eye is not repairable and there is not a way to replace the eye if damaged beyond repair. Doctors can replace, sew back, and remove many body parts, but they cannot replace the eye. Eye protection is tested and must meet the standard ANSI Z87 or Z87+ which requires the following testing; basic and high impact lenses and frames, exposure to non-ionizing radiation, and chemicals and durability to flammable and corrosion. Additional markings on the frames and lenses will be for the following. Continue Reading →

An Alternative to Hard Hats?

Criteria for the Traditional Hard Hat and New Helmet:Hard hats come in several different types and are all rated under ANSI Z89.1. Type 1 is a top only impact protection. Type 2 offers both top and side impact protection.Hard Hats are also broken into three classes relevant to possible electrical exposures under ANSI Z89.1. Continue Reading →

Safety Rules: Why They Exist

Who is responsible for the creation of safety rules?It was the guy we’ve all heard about who cut off two of his fingers after he removed the guard on a saw. He was helped by the machinist who didn’t have the time to go back to the lunch room for safety glasses and lost an eye when the bit broke in the drill press. They both got advice from a co-worker who had his head split open by a falling hammer because he “just plain didn’t like to wear hard hats.” Continue Reading →