Drinking Responsibly

As we settle into the Holiday season and we celebrate with those holiday parties, keep Safety a priority. Traveling with family and friends exposes everyone to risks of bad weather, bad conditions, busy traffic, frustrated and impaired drivers. Continue Reading →

Holiday Driving Thru a Winter Wonderland

The roads are a dangerous place on even the nicest day, but in the winter the dangers of driving increase dramatically. According to the Department of Transportation, winter weather conditions are responsible for over 192,000 injuries and 2,200 deaths each year. Outside injury and loss of life, winter weather conditions are responsible for millions of dollars in property damage incidents. Continue Reading →

Safe and Healthy Coping During COVID

We have certainly been facing the most challenging of times. Most of us can handle a crisis or other unusual events when it is a short-term incident, we go through it, grieve, feel fear, deal with our emotions and then we recover. However, in the time of a long-term, continually evolving huge stressor, our normal ways of coping are not always enough. They get old, fall short or we just get worn down. We are seeing increased mental health disorders and drug and alcohol abuse. Continue Reading →

Holiday Season Fire Safety

Festive celebrations, flickering lights, and winter decorations are hallmarks of the holiday season. That also means a great risk for fire. Following a few simple tips will ensure a fire-safe holiday season. Continue Reading →

Can You Hear Me Now?

Hearing Loss: Heredity, aging, and exposure to loud noises are the main factors that contribute to hearing loss. Chronic exposure to high levels of noise can cause permanent hearing loss that cannot be reversed. Much of the hearing loss suffered later in life is related to damage caused at a younger age. Now is the time to prevent and protect. Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Safety

The holidays may look a little different this year. Please take these tips into consideration when holding / attending Thanksgiving gatherings. We're all in this together. Let's have a healthy & safe Thanksgiving. We can share this day with loved ones, but let's play it safe. Continue Reading →