Capital Program Management of Offshore Engineering Sources

Consumer Products Client

  • Fast-track
  • Engineering management
  • Integration of offshore partner
  • Process engineering
  • Power and controls (substation work)
  • Equipment controls
  • Machine design
  • Constructability review and planning

Confidential USA

Executed 16,000 offshore engineering hours over the course of six months, exceeding the client’s goal.

When a household care manufacturer wanted to integrate an offshore engineering partner from India at its highest revenue generating site in North America, SSOE proved to be key to the successful integration. With more than 20 years of experience on the site, SSOE had personnel capable of managing, controlling, and delivering the entire site’s engineering capital as well as managing integration of an offshore partner over the course of a year.

Because the offshore supplier did not have familiarity with the site, SSOE first worked to integrate them into the existing processes, identify potential challenges and outline plans for troubleshooting them. This included a recommendation to provide a cultural training course for the offshore principles as well as the SSOE team. SSOE was also charged with a goal to manage 15,000 offshore hours over the course of a year and a $3 million site engineering budget for related yearly projects. Projects included capacity and efficiency increases, product additions, as well as site clearance to make the facility more usable. What resulted was the planning and support needed to improve the onboarding of future engineering suppliers, timing of projects, and breakdown of projects depending on complexity.

Additionally, SSOE’s experience and expertise allowed projects to be conducted as planned and exceeded the 15,000 man hour goal in just six months.

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