DS Services Headquarters

DS Services


Atlanta, Georgia

DS Services is about complete beverage refreshment and convenience. They are more than a manufacturer and distributor of bottled water: A leading direct-to-consumer service provider to about 1.5 million home and office locations across the country, they offer America’s preferred coffee, tea, breakroom supply, and water filtration products.

Having grown both organically and through acquisitions, their physical environment took on a fragmented quality that challenged the way DS Services wanted to connect with their people and work processes. With the opportunity to build a new workplace and headquarters, they had a vision to transform their culture, streamline their work, feature their products and services, and position their company for the future.

On entry to the Division Headquarters, the product showroom, customer solutions, and training center are in full view and enticing.   Trainees begin the day at the large ”campfire” table for bagels, coffee, and team bonding. The adjacent large matrix AV screen serves to introduce the day’s agenda, the company, products, and services.

SSOE devised a new workplace that was open, transparent, and connected. A memorable expression of the organization’s dynamic brand begins on arrival at the elevator lobby with a refreshing wash of blue light and continues to be reflected in architectural elements and brand identity references throughout. Experienced upon arrival, their two floors are visually joined with a two-story reception space and open stairway. This space serves as access to adjacent collaborative areas as well as the open work / life lounge above. Central to the arrival experience, the reception space of this customer-centric workplace features hospitality –  showcasing the services, products, and brands of the business. This theme of refreshment and hospitality continues at strategic locations throughout the workplace.

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