• High-tech server rooms
  • Clean agent fire protection system
  • Seismic, altitude, heat, and humidity considerations
  • Cross-cultural project team
16,000 SF
Mexico City & Hermosillo, Mexico

Saved the client $26,000 through cost effective practices such as using aluminum conductors instead of copper conductors and reducing the quantity of clean agent tanks.

Boeing was contracted to deliver an end-to-end satellite communications system that included two new ground monitoring stations. Each station consisted of a highly technical control room and server rooms. Boeing called upon SSOE to provide mechanical, electrical, and fire protection engineering services for the rooms.

SSOE’s responsibilities included design of the facilities’ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, back-up generators, HVAC systems, and fire protection systems. SSOE used a clean agent suppression system as part of the fire protection that would not harm the sensitive equipment. Additionally, because both facilities are located in extremely hot and dry environments, special considerations were made for the HVAC systems. Seismic considerations were also incorporated into the design for the Mexico City facility.

SSOE designed the stations in accordance with International Building Code and worked closely with the end- user’s construction manager and architect in Mexico.