New Equipment Digest Article: “Steel Package Delivery as an Integrated Whole”

Josh Zimmerman, Section Manager for SSOE's BIM2Fab™ Steel Group, recently authored an article in New Equipment Digest where he explains how an innovative Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) project approach allows architecture and engineering firms, such as SSOE, the ability to bring the detailing and steel fabrication optimization process in-house at the beginning of the project instead of the middle—saving real time and real dollars. Continue Reading →

Informed Infrastructure Magazine Article: “Optimizing Time with VDC: Steel”

Featured as the cover story in a recent issue of Informed Infrastructure Magazine, Josh Zimmerman, VDC Steel Section Manager, explores the workflow and key considerations necessary to optimize the benefits of VDC Steel in this article. Coordination, collaboration, and clarity of scope are of upmost importance when using this delivery system. Within, Zimmerman provides a short case study on a project for Starwood Capital Group where a concurrent approach to design and steel detailing was used to meet an aggressive project schedule. Continue Reading →

Area Development Magazine Article: “Streamlining the Construction Project to Deliver Ahead of Schedule and Below Budget”

New Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) for steel technology seamlessly integrates steel design, fabrication, and erection with reduced cost and a faster schedule. Josh Zimmerman, VDC Steel Section Manager at SSOE, is featured in the November issue of Area Development Magazine. Within, Josh describes how Virtual Design and Construction methodology can be applied to the steel detailing process and result in significant schedule reduction. This is accomplished by creating fabrication-ready models quicker and earlier in the construction workflow—moving the timing of steel detailing to occur congruently with structural design on the project. Two examples are explored in the article, one saving 2.5 months on the construction schedule through early coordination of design and detailing associated with VDC Steel. Continue Reading →