A/E Services for Facilities Master Planning

SSOE was awarded a nationwide, five-year IDIQ contract for A/E services related to master planning for over 12 million SF of the EPA’s environmental and analytical laboratory and support facilities. This included coordination with EPA program and regional offices to incorporate their missions and strategic goals into specific master plans.

SSOE has completed the following tasks for the EPA:

Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina
The RTP EPA Research and Administration Facility consists of approximately 1.4 million SF of laboratory, vivarium, office, and special use space.

SSOE has performed the following tasks at this site:

  • Facility master plan
  • Programming and planning to relocate the EPA Division now located off-site into the RTP facility
  • Energy reduction strategies
  • Evaluation of sustainability opportunities

Chapel Hill, North Carolina
SSOE completed an engineering study to provide recommendations for energy reduction strategies and HVAC improvements.

Narragansett, Rhode Island; Athens, Georgia; and Corvallis, Oregon
SSOE provided master planning services to address the renovation of the existing 40 year-old laboratory buildings, strategies to meet/exceed EPAct and EISA criteria, and a “green” strategy for restructuring the site.

Las Vegas, Nevada
SSOE developed a POR and Design Intent documents for a new two-story, 40,000 SF leased laboratory / office building. This building will house the offices and laboratories of the EPA’s Radiation and Indoor Environments National Laboratory currently located at the University of Las Vegas.

Houston, Texas
SSOE developed the POR for a new EPA Region 6 build-to-suit 10 acre campus, including a 90,000 SF laboratory building and support facilities.

Edison, New Jersey
SSOE developed a POR for a new 400,000 SF, state-of-the-art Environmental Science Center. The new facility consolidates the Edison EPA’s program into one building, replacing the aging, inadequate existing facilities.

Fort Meade, Maryland
SSOE completed a conceptual design for modifications of the EPA Environmental Science Center to allow for chemical warfare agents testing as requested by the Department of Homeland Security.

Research & Development Laboratory

SSOE was selected to create a master plan and design for Kemin to not only reflect the entrepreneurial spirit and corporate brand that is Kemin, but also to position the company appropriately for future projected growth. SSOE provided an overall assessment of the Kemin site to situate the new Research and Development (R&D) laboratory and future corporate headquarters in such a manner to promote oversight and engagement with the existing campus and manufacturing facilities, while also offering a formal gateway and introduction of Kemin innovation to the public.

The new R&D laboratory is designed for collaboration to promote intensive idea generation and product development. The two-story laboratory facility is organized with an emphasis on access to daylight, spatial efficiencies, and flexibility to expedite idea exchange and staff interaction. The main, general laboratory area is open and modular with specialty laboratories and related open office area located directly adjacent. Administrative offices, conference rooms, and informal meeting / break areas surround the primary laboratory function. Attached to the main laboratory are Class 1, Division 1 pilot laboratories which accommodate large-scale experiments and processes, a designated shipping and receiving area, chemical and sample storage areas, and mechanical / electrical services, including a generator.

The main entrance to the facility features an open, light-flled, two-story atrium. This common area presents visitors with a formal introduction to Kemin and will act as the central circulation hub to connect the future planned additions of a corporate administrative headquarters, 350-seat cafeteria and food service area, and an additional laboratory block.