Business Without Borders

The Global Economy:

The More Things Change, The More Things Change

The Global EconomyChallenging. Competitive. Rich with opportunities. From where we sit as a global provider of EPCM services, those words sum up the world’s current economic landscape. Our management team, like yours, studies information on economic trends and their affect on the production of goods and provision of services worldwide. Our expansion plans are all about being wherever our clients want to be. READ MORE

Making The Right Moves:

Can Your Next Project be a Competitive Advantage?

Making the Right MovesWhether our clients decide to further expand within their home country or break new ground across the globe, increasingly the projects have tight schedules. The most obvious reason is the faster the products can be manufactured, the sooner they can generate revenue. Once the decision is made to develop the facility, time becomes a key factor. As the completion date draws near, every week is measured by production gained or lost. If the facility is to be developed in an unfamiliar location, working with a company that lacks global experience invites delays and missteps. READ MORE

Getting It Right From The Start:

Site Selection Far from Home

Getting it right from the start“It’s a small world after all” is proving more and more true – except when selecting a site for a new location across the globe. When a company is faced with finding a site for a new facility thousands of miles and several cultures removed from “home,” the distance factor can seem insurmountable. SSOE’s site selection services neutralize the difficulties this challenge poses. READ MORE

SSOE Group Announces New International Roles: Continues to Grow International Business Despite Economic Climate

October 14, 2010, Toledo, Ohio – SSOE Group, a global engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) firm announced expanded roles for key staff as it plans for continued international growth despite the turbulent economic climate. Currently SSOE has 19 offices domestically and two in China, in Shanghai and Beijing. As international opportunities continue to increase and become a larger part of SSOE’s growth strategy the firm plans to open two additional offices in China, two in India, and two in Canada in 2011. Currently SSOE’s international business comprises 8% of total revenue. By 2015 the firm projects that 25% of their total revenue will be generated internationally, increasing to 33% by 2020. According to Tony Damon, CEO and President of SSOE, “Expansion of our business globally is one of the key drivers of our growth strategy including driving growth here in the U.S. to service the growing international marketplace.”

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SSOE Group Named Large Exporter of the Year by Ohio Governor

September 23, 2010, Toledo, Ohio– SSOE Group (, a global EPCM firm, was recognized for its success in the global marketplace by Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and Ohio Department of Development Director Lisa Patt-McDaniel at a luncheon held in Columbus yesterday. SSOE was named the “Large Exporter of the Year.” In total, 20 Ohio companies were presented with the Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Award (“E”Award). This is SSOE’s third time being an “E” award recipient; they also received this honor in 2002 as well as 2006. The Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Award annually recognizes Ohio companies that have increased sales and Ohio-based employment as a result of export activity, or have implemented a strategy to expand international sales.

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