10 Key Attributes of Injury Free Workers

The following attributes and characteristics are the result of a nearly 10 year study and countless hours of personal interviews with employees who have worked their entire careers injury free. This study was conducted and shared by Dave Walline, Global Safety Leader for Owens Corning in Toledo. Carefully read each attribute and consider where you can improve so that one day you may also be an injury free worker.

Injury free workers:

  1. Take their working career seriously.
  2. Take 100% responsibility for their actions.
  3. Always plan for a safe outcome.
  4. Are hazard control managers.
  5. Maintain a neat and orderly appearance.
  6. Avoid complacency in their work.
  7. Practice safety rules and procedures.
  8. Have a positive attitude and outlook.
  9. Use applied safety knowledge.
  10. Have safety as a core value.

“Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it.”