Working Alone?

Make sure you're safe when you are working alone. Here are some Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind. Continue Reading →

Sobering Statistics

As we settle into the Holiday season and we celebrate with those holiday parties, keep safety a priority. Travelling with family and friends exposes everyone to risks of bad weather, bad conditions, busy traffic, frustrated and impaired drivers. Continue Reading →

Exposure to Cold Temperatures

When winter temperatures drop significantly below normal, staying warm and safe can become a challenge. Exposure to cold temperatures, whether indoors or outside, can cause serious or life-threatening health problems. Infants and the elderly are particularly at risk, but anyone can be affected. Continue Reading →

Alternative Transportation

In efforts to reduce traffic and pollution in major cities, alternative transportation is becoming more and more popular. In most cities, the average person now has accessto more alternative transportation options than ever before. Some of these options might include: E-bikes (Electric Bikes), E-scooters (Electric Scooters), and ride sharingsuch as Uber, Lyft, and Zip cars. Continue Reading →

Holiday Season Fire Safety

Festive celebrations, flickering lights and winter decorations are hallmarks of the holiday season, but they alsopresent fire risks that can quickly turn this festive time of year into a devastating one. Below we look at someways that we can prevent house fires this holiday season. Continue Reading →