Powered Industrial Trucks / Material Handlers

The world of safety compliance should not be confusing. Rules are in place to maintain a safe workplace. This week we are going to look at working around powered industrial trucks / material handlers. The OSHA standard for general industry is 1910.178 and 1926.602 for the construction industry. Continue Reading →

Fall Protection – “New Cage, Fixed Ladder Standards”

New Ladder Safety StandardsThe new rule brought forward by OSHA sets out a requirement for employers to haveladder safety or personal fall arrest systems for fixed ladders that extend more than 24feet. It phases out the use of cages or wells for fall protection, and everything is to beimplemented under a very precise timeline. The revised ruling establishes a phase out of ladder wells and cages over the next 20 years per OSHA 1910.128(b)(9)(i). Continue Reading →

Beginners Guide to Fall Arrest Systems

Workplaces today are full of opportunities for workers to be exposed to fall hazards. Many of these exposures are so significant that workers could be killed. There are typically three schools of thoughts – fall management, fall restraint, or fall arrest. Continue Reading →

Tracking Your Training

The employer and employee both have requirements that must be met, so that all workers are safe at work. Training is one way to ensure that workers are able to recognize and avoid hazardous situations in the workplace. We all complete trainingthroughout the year for learning a skill, continuing education, licensure, operational requirements, and Safety. All of these trainings should be providing something to signify completion, in either a certificate or a card, to the employee. It is important to always receive a completion document so that the training can be proven, if ever challenged. Continue Reading →