3-Point Shot Defeats Slips, Trips, and Falls

The opposition! Slips, Trips, and Falls (ST&Fs) account for 20% of all work related injuries each year. Many of these injuries occur when a worker climbs in or out of heavy equipment, trucks, or trailers. Falls from portable ladders and slips on stairways are also included in these accident numbers. Inclement weather, poor housekeeping, defective equipment, rushing to get the job done, and lack of hand supports all increase the chances for injury. Most of these incidents result in injuries to shoulders, arms, backs and ankles. The winning team! “3-point shot” or the “3-point rule” provides the winner’s edge to defeat ST&Fs.

  • The “3-point rule” states that you should have 3 of the 4 critical points of your body (2 hands and 2 feet) in contact at all times when entering and / or exiting a vehicle. This will provide maximum stability and support, and maintains balance to reduce the chances for slips and falls.
  • Always follow the “3 point rule” (2 hands and a foot or 2 feet and a hand) when climbing ladders. Keep your body near the middle of the step. Always face the ladder when climbing.
  • When using stairways always use the handrail for support and to maintain the “3 point rule.”

Count on the “3-point rule” to greatly reduce your chances for injury when entering or exiting a vehicle, climbing a ladder, or using the stairs. Read and practice the playbook:

  • Maintain good housekeeping so that your work surfaces are clean and free of debris.
  • Wear footwear that provides good support and slip resistance. Take the time to safely plan your next step. Don’t rush! Don’t jump!
  • Place objects that would prevent you from maintaining 3-point contact either on the  vehicle seat or in a pocket.
  • Face the vehicle or ladder when climbing up or down.

Be a Winner! The “3-point rule” provides the winning shot over ST&Fs – every time! SafetyTip_Button