3 Seconds to Disaster

Don’t let a 3 second distraction become a lifetime of regret! The time it took to read the title of this safety tip, only 3 seconds, is the same length of time for distractions that precede 80% of automobile crashes and 60% of near misses. You may consider yourself to be an attentive and safe driver, however, those 3 seconds can be the precious time that allows you to prevent or avoid an accident — regardless whether it is your distraction or someone else’s.

A safe driver is not necessarily someone who has been lucky enough to avoid being involved in an accident. Rather, a safe driver is a courteous and defensive driver who looks out for others, avoids distractions, and is always on alert to anticipate and respond to potential traffic situations. Safe drivers share the road so that they do not become part of, or contribute to, a preventable accident.

The most dangerous part of the day for most people is their commute to and from work, school, shopping, and recreational activities.

  • Anticipate that someone might run that stop sign or red light. How will you react? What if a child runs out between those parked cars?
  • Stop “InTEXTicated Driving” that puts you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road at risk for accidents, injuries, and death.
  • Work zones are inherently unsafe, so slow down and stay alert! Follow signs and flaggers and watch out for workers and moving equipment.
  • Motorcycles and bicycles have the same rights and responsibilities for sharing the road and must obey the same traffic laws as cars and trucks. Wear helmets and clothing that make you visible to vehicle traffic. Above all: “Ride to Survive.”
  • Runners and walkers should wear Hi-Vis clothing and stay on walkways or paths, if possible. Face oncoming traffic and always carry identification. Look out for distracted drivers and be ready to avoid them.


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