A New Year of Safety Observations

Now that January is here, it is time to review past injury and near miss reports. Analyzing these trends can improve workplace safety for the entire company by showing us possible safety concerns, and making us aware of the need for hazard prevention. A very important way to help predict incidents is to use the new SSOE Group “For Safety’s Sake – Do Something” Safety Observation Cards.

How This Works and Who is Involved

Safety Observation Cards

  • Are a key tool to help employees become engaged in workplace safety.
  • Help identify possible hazards and document corrective actions.
  • Make it easy to identify behaviors with a simple to use, standardized card.
  • Allow you to reward someone else for a safe work behavior.

The Safety Management Team

  • Collects the Safety Observation Cards, records, and reviews the data.
  • Identifies hazardous behaviors or situations.
  • Takes corrective actions to prevent future incidents.

Employees (YOU)

  • Should always try to “Do Something” to prevent a coworker from getting injured.
  • Should utilize the Safety Observation Cards.
  • Should STOP unsafe behavior.
  • Identify hazards to improve safety through discussion with others.
  • Share your findings with the company and also to others in the area.


  • Identifying an at risk behavior should always lead to a corrective action.
  • Positive communication must always be given no matter if at risk or safe.

The more Safety Observation Cards completed, the better chance we have of preventing workplace injuries.


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