Adjusting for Success

Setting up workstations properly will prevent repetitive injuries and the potential for strains, sprains, and pains.

Instructions for how to adjust your chair can be found under the seat, at the side of the seat, or under the arm rest. For optimal chair height, your hips should be slightly above your knees, and your feet should be able to completely reach the floor. To adjust your back support, sit all the way back in the chair and adjust the lumbar support to fill curvature of back. The arm rests should be lower than your resting elbow height.

The keyboard and mouse should be positioned to accommodate you. The letter portion of keyboard should be placed directly in front of you. The keyboard should be below your elbows (you may have to adjust the height of your chair (without compromising optimal seating position). Keep keyboard flat to reduce the amount of angle that your wrists bend in an upwards position. Keep the mouse as close to the keyboard as possible.

What you primarily look at should be in front of you. If you look at one monitor it should be as far from you as possible while still being clear. If you use two monitors, keep the primary one in front of you and the secondary next to it. The top of screen should be at or below eye level.

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