Are YOU a Safety Champion?

Being a Safety Champion is everyone’s responsibility! Each person is responsible to make hundreds of decisions necessary to function every day, and to acquire the knowledge to make the safest choices possible. By doing so, each one of us can become a Safety Champion.

  • Put one foot in front of the other without falling down.
  • Use the correct tools for the job and correct PPE.
  • Do not use broken or damaged tools.
  • Understand the safety guidelines for all tools and equipment.
  • Operate equipment in a safe manner.
  • Pay attention to and follow all safety signs and warnings.
  • Do not lift more than you can physically and safely handle.
  • Position your body in low risk ergonomic positions.
  • Don’t put your hands where you can’t see them or near a hazard.
  • Successfully complete safety training.
  • Get adequate sleep / food / water.
  • Know how to do your job injury free.
  • Know what you control, and control it.
  • Anticipate problems and fix them before they happen.
  • Understand your contribution to the overall performance of the job / project.

Each individual must accept responsibility for their actions and know how to safely control what is in their environment. A Safety Champion must create and maintain an operating vision, show the way, set and hold priorities, create and maintain accountability, and lead by example.



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  1. Sylvana
    Sylvana says:

    Listed above are all right! For Job context, this is very required – “Know how to do your job injury free.”, in your workplace, workers should know the right things to do to prevent accidents.


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