Bolstering Healthy Lifestyles

These little tricks may help keep you healthy, or start you in the right direction of becoming healthier. The healthier you are, the safer (and happier!) you will be.

Nutrition. Sometimes we’re just too busy to regularly cook meals or pack our lunches. If you eat out frequently, consider healthier choices on the menu (grilled or baked instead of fried, non-greasy, lower fat, etc.). If you don’t like the healthy alternatives at the restaurants you go to, try somewhere different. Also try changing the way you think about greasy and fried foods — like a vacation, it is important to treat yourself once or twice a year, but don’t think of those types of foods as an everyday option.

Overeating. Have a glass of water before your meal. You’ll feel fuller and will be less likely to overeat. Same thing goes for drinking alcohol; drinking water while consuming alcoholic beverages will keep your body hydrated, and you’ll be less likely to overindulge.

Exercise. Working out regularly is the best way to go. If you struggle to fit exercise in your daily routine,
find time at work to walk around the office. Consider walking over to a co-worker if you need to talk with
them instead of emailing or calling (when possible). Find time and reasons to get up and be mobile.

Smoking. If you haven’t already committed to quitting, try cutting out one of your routine cigarette breaks. If you succeed in cutting out one, then take the next step to cut out another. Small commitments will lead to big results!

Health. Stay home if you’re sick! I know this is really hard for all of us dedicated employees, but we are really not doing anyone a favor by passing along our germs. Even harder than missing work, is actually resting. Ground yourself to your bed or the couch for a period of time and allow your body to heal. Sleep. Sleep is extremely important for our body’s healing process.