Business Travel Safety

There are times we have to travel for business. Most companies have travel standards in place to ensure the safety of employees. Here are a few additional tips to ensure safe travels.


Before you go. Make sure the car you’re traveling in is in proper working condition (fluids are filled; lights, windshield wipers, etc. work; tire pressure is good.) Review your trip path for weather conditions and construction tie-ups.

On Your Way. Wear your seat belt! Maintain a safe following distance at all times. Be courteous to all other drivers and pedestrians. When driving on company time you are expected to follow the laws, and act in a manner that best represents your company. If an accident or moving violation occurs, contact your supervisor immediately.

When You’re Parked. Keep your car locked. Keep money and valuables out of sight. Park in a well-lit area, whenever possible.


Before You Go. Pack only what you need (if possible, take carry-on luggage only). Put a tag on your suitcase for easy identification. Ensure your items are allowed on the plane; check the airline hazardous material chart before you go.

At the Airport. Arrive early. Get through security as quickly as possible. Be aware of your surroundings.

In the Air. Follow in-flight instructions. Make a mental plan of action in case of an emergency. Be patient: ignore unruly passengers (alert a flight attendant if someone becomes too disruptive, but do not get involved after that). Avoid alcoholic beverages; besides, most companies have a no alcohol on the job policy.


Check In. Keep your luggage by your side when checking in. On the way to your room be sure to identify the location of fire exits.

In Your Room. Make sure the room is empty and always check that door and window locks are operating and close properly. Use the room safe or the hotel safe to protect valuables.

Out Of Your Room. When you are away from the room, keep the curtains closed, a light on, and the TV on so that your room would appear to be occupied.