Creating a Safer Job Site

Working safely starts before the job begins. It starts with creating the safest possible environment to work in. This can be done by eliminating or mitigating job site hazards through the implementation of a hazard control plan. Here is a brief overview on how to create a safer work environment.

Identify control options. Collect, organize, and review information to determine what types of hazards may be present and which workers may be exposed or potentially exposed.

Select controls. Select the controls that are the most feasible, effective, and permanent. Eliminate or control all serious hazards immediately.

Develop a hazard control plan. How will the selected controls will be implemented? Assign the responsibility for installing / implementing to a person with the ability to implement the controls.

Plan for non-routine operations and emergencies. Include provisions to protect workers during non-routine operations and foreseeable emergencies.

Implement plan. Once hazard prevention and control measures have been identified, they should be implemented according to the plan.

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