Farm Equipment Awareness

Just as motorists are allowed to drive their vehicles on public roadways, farmers are legally allowed to operate their farm equipment on those same roads. In rural areas, you may encounter farm equipment, and other slow moving vehicles. The best thing to remember as you follow a slow moving vehicle is to be patient and slow down.

BE PATIENT. Most operators know they are holding you up, and will pull off the road at the first opportunity to allow traffic to pass as long as it’s safe. Farmers are working hard to provide you with a safe food supply, not intentionally slowing you down.

PASS WITH CARE. Most collisions with slow moving vehicles occur when the driver following behind tries to pass the slower vehicle. If a farmer has pulled off the road for you to pass, or if the farmer does not pull over, and you feel you must pass, do so with caution. Never pass on a hill, curve, or in any situation that would block your view of oncoming vehicles.

RECOGNIZE THE SLOW MOVING VEHICLE EMBLEM. Remember, the orange triangle is an emblem warning drivers of a slow vehicle. When you see this emblem, slow down immediately, it may be hard to judge the speed at which you are closing in on the slow moving vehicle.

LIMITED VISIBILITY. Never assume a farmer knows you are near their vehicle. The operator may not be able to see a driver following behind him. They are often concentrating on keeping equipment on the road and avoiding oncoming traffic. Use your horn to let the driver know where you are before you pass.

YIELD TO WIDE VEHICLES. Some farm equipment may be wider than the lane it’s traveling. If you approach wide equipment driving in the opposite direction and you cannot pass safely, stop. Then pull off the road, or turn around, or back away safely so they can pass you.

At home, work or play, it’s Safety every day! Safety Always!

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