Hurricane and Flood Preparedness

As the United States and Mexico prepare for the hurricane season, we already have a major storm approaching the east coast with others in the loom. In addition, China prepares as a monster typhoon approaches. Preparing for a hurricane / typhoon can be challenging securing your property and making plans but after things are secured, take shelter elsewhere. The best plan is to leave the area, with the advanced notice and hold up somewhere safe. During a hurricane there is usually very high winds, heavy rains, lightening and the creation of tornadoes. All these can cause serious injury and many times death!

If you are riding out the storm, you will need to be prepared for at least 3 to 5 days of living on your own and even without normal luxuries. Power will likely be out, phones will be down and you may be trapped in your home due to the flood waters. Dry food or things that do not require refrigeration and cooking along with at least a gallon of water per day, per person. Don’t forget about pets! Be prepared to handle unexpected occurrences like a broken window, hole in the roof, flood waters entering your property and have the resources necessary to handle them. Deciding to leave during or just after the storm is usually not an option.

After the storm, be expected to sustain yourself for a few days and possibly up to a week. Again, food and water will be critical. When venturing outside, watch for downed power lines, damaged trees and branches that can fall unexpectedly, leaking gas lines from being broken off and of course flood waters that are contaminated. Stay out of flood water if at all possible as it usually has sewage, fuels, oils and any other contaminant it picks up. Be cautious around streets and sidewalks where there is a possibility of drainage risks and drowning after being sucked into drains that are violent. Sink holes can occur when roads and walkways are washed out underneath. The ground will be super saturated and will likely allow trees and poles to topple, so
be alert all the way around you. NEVER drive through open water, even if it looks safe, as the road could be gone or current can be violent.


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