Rideshare and Getting Around Town

Many people nowadays are using rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft for rides to the airport, home, evenings out on the town, or anything else. While these services have changed the way people commute and get around, they also include some dangers. As a user, you must be sure that your personal safety is taken into consideration at all times.

  • Make sure you are getting into the right car, with the right driver and information provided through the app.
  • Ask the driver to confirm YOUR name.
  • Ride in the backseat only.
  • Share your trip details with someone, the vehicle and, the license plate (all provided in the app).
  • Follow your gut and if something doesn’t feel right, skip the ride!
  • Check to see if the child safety locks are engaged on the inside of the door while getting in.
  • Wear your seatbelt.
  • Keep your cell phone in your hand.
  • Pay attention to the route and streets.
  • If at any time, you feel the need to terminate the ride, do so in a safe area.

In many larger cities, there are scooters and E-bikes popping up as means for people to get around town. Although these devices look fun and are a quick means to get from one place to another, you should exercise some caution in using the service.

  • Do an inspection of the equipment first, to ensure that it functions properly.
  • Read the warning signs and instructions before leaving.
  • Proceed with caution and slowly until you get the hang of it.
  • Be aware of all pedestrians and other vehicles while operating it.
  • Pay attention to the laws. Some areas require an operation on the street, while others may have sidewalk requirements.
  • Be advised that injuries to the head, arms, and legs are possible in an accident.
  • Follow all normal traffic laws and ride smart.

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