Safety Always Culture

Our safety goal is “0” Lost Time Accidents. We need 100% participation. But what is your responsibility to achieve this goal? Safety, of course…but what does that look like?

Work and play safely wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Safety goals are not about living your life in a bubble. They’re about performing tasks in a manner that minimizes possible negative outcomes (injury, illness, death). Climbing a ladder? Have a spotter; don’t lean out too far to your left or right. Running to the store quickly? Wear your seatbelt and slow down. Skydiving? Better make sure your parachute works! Get the idea?

Get training before performing unfamiliar tasks. ALWAYS ASK for training if you are going to use a piece of unfamiliar machinery, or work in an unfamiliar environment. Confirm that you have all of the PPE you need to perform the task safely. Would you try flying a plane without instruction? Or using a chainsaw for the first time without reading a manual or having someone show you? Some equipment, or environments have less than obvious hazards, which is why it is extremely important that you learn all you can before performing the task.

Watch out for each other. It turns out that common sense is a rare commodity. If you see a coworker performing an unsafe task, say something immediately. Not only for his / her safety, but for your and the company’s benefit as well. If someone is injured on the job, it affects all of us. For Safety’s Sake, Do Something!