Safety Summary at SSOE

At SSOE, we believe in our employee’s wellbeing. We understand that our employees are our most valuable asset.

Safety Saves Our Employees! Thinking like this can show a commitment to all employees that successfully collaborating as a team can lead to success.

You should not just look out for yourself, but also those around you which is a commitment to the Safety Always vision.

For project and site work, we require all plans to be SAFE by using the SPA (Safe
Plans of Action). These are hazard analysis of high risk tasks that determine steps for safe

Stop and observe the situation and determine what could be hazardous.
Analyze the work or task to be done and determine the steps for safely completing
the task.
Formulate a plan based upon the observed hazards. Make it safe to work.
Execute the plan as written and amend it as needed to catch all hazards.

All work at SSOE should follow the SAFETY acronym.

SPA’s (SPA’s are required by everyone for all high risk activities).
Audit the site (Site safety audits must be completed daily).
FSS Observations (Behavior based safety observations often and by everyone, safe and at risk).
Emergency Action Plan (Developed and in place for all emergencies, local occupational clinic in place).
Training for everyone (10 hrs. for workers, 30 hrs for supervision and training as needed).
You Own the Site, Safety Always! (It is not just enough to look out for yourself, but to look out for others).
See Something, Say Something.

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