Share the Road

Warmer weather has arrived! The improved weather forecast and the change to Daylight Savings Time (March 13, 2011) greatly increases the number and variety of persons and vehicles that compete for space on the roadways. A safe driver is not necessarily someone who has been lucky enough to avoid accidents. Rather they are a courteous and defensive driver who looks out for others, avoids distractions, and are always on alert to anticipate and respond to potential traffic situations. Safe drivers share the road so that they do not become part of, or contribute to a preventable accident.

Trucks & Automobiles: Fasten seatbelts. Drive defensively. Allow 3 feet of clearance to others who are sharing the road.

Motorcycles & Bicycles: Make yourself visible! Have same rights and responsibilities when sharing the road, and must obey the same traffic laws as trucks and automobiles. Wear helmets, ride in a single file, use turn signals, and always be predictable. Look out for debris, potholes, and road hazards. Keep equipment in good working order. Above all: “Ride To Survive!”

Runners & Walkers: Wear clothing / gear that makes you visible! If possible stay on walkways / paths and face oncoming traffic. Carry a form of identification. Additional safety tips

Farm Equipment: In rural areas, expect to encounter farm equipment and other slow moving vehicles on the road. Patience is the best way to avoid collisions. Slow down to pass!

Construction Zones: Take an alternate route to avoid construction zones. Be on high alert – Work Zones are inherently unsafe. Slow down and allow others to merge. Follow signs and flaggers. Look out for workers and equipment.

Kids at Play: Expect the unexpected. Anticipate that a child might run out between parked cars. The death rate for pedestrians in a 30 MPH zone is 3X that for 25 MPH zones. Slow Down!

Be a Courteous and Defensive Driver. Be a Safe Driver. Share The Road!

“Don’t let the 2 minutes you think you are saving be the last 2 minutes of someone’s life.”
– David Townsend (Killed by an out of control texting driver).”


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