Spiders, Bats, and Scary Stats

Halloween is just around the corner! Here are some tips for trick-or-treating with your children as well as some scary safety statistics that are sure to make you shiver with fear.

When They’re On the Prowl

  • A responsible adult should accompany young children.
  • If your older children are going alone, plan an acceptable route.
  • Agree on a specific time children should return home.
  • Teach your children never to enter a stranger’s home or car.
  • Instruct children to stay in familiar, well-lit areas, and stick with
  • Tell your children not to eat any treats until they return home.
  • Children and adults are reminded to put electrical devices down.
  • Watch for children walking on roadways, medians, and curbs.
  • Enter and exit driveways and alleys carefully.
  • Discourage new, inexperienced drivers from driving on Halloween.

Scary Statistics

  • An American is accidentally injured every second
    and killed every three minutes by a preventable
    incident (drug overdose, vehicle crash, fall,
    drowning, etc.).
    – Age 25 to 34, drug overdoses accounted for 51% of
    the deaths.
    – Age 35 to 44, drug overdoses jump to 53%.
  • 57% of deaths from ages 15 to 24 result from motor
    vehicles (16 to 19 year olds are three times more
    likely to die from a motor vehicle crash than any
  • Distracted driving accounts for nearly 25% of all
    motor vehicle fatalities.
  • One out of four motor vehicle crashes in the US are
    the result of a cell phone.
  • Nearly 5,000 workers were killed on the job in 2017
    with about 1/5th of them in construction.
  • Falls accounted for 38% of the fatalities on
    construction projects.
  • The top five OSHA violations were for falls, hazard
    communication, scaffolding, respiratory protection,
    and lockout/tagout.
  • 53% of fatal electrical injuries resulted from work on
    construction sites.
  • The total cost of all disabling workplace injuries is just
    under $60 billion annually.
  • Every seven seconds a worker is injured on the job.

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