SPAR 3D Article: “How Accurate is the Marketing of Accuracy in the Reality Capture World?”

Tony Sabat, BIM / CAD Technical Specialist at SSOE, explains in this article featured on the SPAR 3D blog how the rise of reality capture has opened up the market to more inexpensive, easier-to-use hardware, resulting in many new professionals using a technology with which they are unfamiliar. This is where the issue of marketing tactics comes in, as users heavily relay on the accuracy claims—more specifically, the percentage of accuracy statements made by the manufacturer. Tony goes on to explain how these numbers can be misleading and the importance of educating yourself before making a purchase. Continue Reading →

AEC Next Article: “Could Blockchain be the Missing Link for the AEC / Built World Industry?”

Tony Sabat, BIM / CAD Technical Specialist at SSOE, examines whether blockchain is just hype or something more in this AEC Next article. As the industry prepares for a boom in disruption and innovation, the term blockchain—described in the article as an “open distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way”—comes up repeatedly. With transparency built into the technology, Tony explores what blockchain could mean to the AEC industry and built world. Continue Reading → Article: “Preserving a Security System’s Integrity during Upgrades Requires a Tactical Approach”

Data / Fire / Security System Specialist, Jim Otte and Director of Federal Programs, Mike Duffey were recently featured on Within, Otte and Duffey discuss how partnering with a knowledgeable A/E firm can assist military facility engineers in making  security and technology upgrade decisions that will benefit them in the present and future. Several cases of innovative and successful implementation are explored within. Continue Reading →

Building Design + Construction Magazine: “Electronic Power Tool Builds Project Transparency”

SSOE is mentioned in this article by Building Design + Construction magazine discussing ways for building teams to utilize new online tools for complex project document management. SSOE and partners employed relatively new collaboration software Continue Reading →

Integration Quarterly Magazine Article: “Meeting the Ultimate Deadline”

Mike Duffey, Director of Federal Programs at SSOE, is featured in an article on implementing design-build teams for military construction projects in Integration Quarterly’s summer 2012 edition. Duffey describes some of the challenges even experienced projects teams encounter Continue Reading →

The Military Engineer Magazine Article: “The Next Dimension (4D)”

SSOE Group's Mike Duffey, PE, M.SAME, Vince DiPofi, PE, and David Semproch, AIA, NCARB, discuss how 4D building information modeling (BIM) could pay dividends for federal projects managers involved in larger undertakings such as U.S. military's current massive force relocations around the world. Continue Reading →