Reliable Plant Magazine Article: “Lean Project Delivery Optimizes Project Success”

Greg Brogley, PE, PMP, Division Manager, Automotive and Manufacturing at SSOE, dives into Lean Project Delivery in this Reliable Plant Magazine article. Within, he shares some of the trends we’re seeing play out across multiple projects, opportunities to optimize efficiency, and how Integrated Forms of Agreement offer shared risk / reward scenarios that encourage a collective vision of success. Greg has a proven track record of ensuring project due diligence, responsiveness to clients, and driving teams to evaluate their process to maximize value and efficiency into the projects he oversees. His overall responsibilities include the direction of industrial facility engineers and architects, as well as direction of the business unit with respect to administration and operation of all manufacturing client projects. To read the full article, click here. Continue Reading →

IMPO Magazine Article: “Reap the Benefits of Lean Project Delivery”

Mary Stepnick, AIA, PMP, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Senior Vice President of SSOE Group, along with Todd Alsdorf, PE, founder of Balance Rhythm Harmony (BRH) LLC, recently authored an article in IMPO Magazine on Lean Project Delivery (LPD). They explain how LPD is an effective project execution method that can help improve the time and cost efficiency of many different types of projects. More importantly, if decision makers, constructors, and designers can come together to build a collaborative project from the outset, it is possible for today’s manufacturing businesses to revolutionize the way they approach projects—and to reap the benefits as a result. Continue Reading →