The Safety Gears Are Between Your Ears

Moving machinery is everywhere!  Construction equipment, production machinery, process equipment, transportation devices, such as automobiles and bicycles, home shop and yard equipment, and even office photocopiers contain moving parts that can cause injuries.

If it revolves, swings, spins, slides, opens, closes, or moves in any way at all, it can hurt or kill you. We often think about fingers or other extremities that might get caught in machinery, however a person could be dragged into many pieces of equipment and be injured or crushed even before they have a chance to cry out for help. Injuries related to machinery and equipment often result in death or permanent disability.

How should you protect yourself around moving equipment?

  • Be thoroughly trained in the safe operation of the equipment.  This is especially important for new and temporary workers.
  • Do not remove safety guards – they are there to protect you.  This applies to tools and shop tools as well.
  • Do not wear loose fitting clothing, jewelry, or long hair that could be entangled or pull you into running machinery.
  • Follow safe work practices for the safe operation of machinery. Follow correct lockout procedures to prevent unintentional start-up during adjustments or repairs.
  • Be aware of all stored energy sources, including electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, gravity, and springs.
  • Be alert to your surroundings and how close you are to moving equipment.
  • Never reach into moving equipment or machinery.
  • Report any unsafe conditions and inadequate guarding.