Why Do You Work Safely?

Think about your daily responsibilities and the people who are counting on you to come home safely. Working safe is a very small price to pay for being able to improve and maintain your lifestyle. There is no job that is worth the risk of injury.

Do you go along with safety regulations because OSHA and the company say so? Or to win recognition for being accident free? Stop and think – you have far better reasons for working safely!

  • You want to continue working to support your family in the comfortable lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.
  • Some accidents result in months of pain and even hospital stays. Some pains never go away.
  • You hate the sight of blood – especially your own.
  • A disability could end all your favorite recreational activities.
  • A head injury could impact your ability to speak, read, or even enjoy your favorite TV show.
  • You want to enjoy life with your family and friends without the changes that a significant injury would impose.
  • You have plans for the future. Career! Family! Kids! Grandkids! Travel! Retirement!
  • An accident could send you to the hospital and you might have months of painful therapy to recover.
  • A workplace accident can permanently change all those plans in an instant.